BMG feature in Midwest Leak Magazine


Billfold Music Group is Cincinnati bred, a product of hip-hop music, and influenced by chart topping artists such as Three 6 Mafia and any other group or artist with the drive to make it from the underground world of mix tapes to Oscars and Grammys.

However, influences are just what they are, influences. The talent there is still considered to be original with a unique style. Externalized creativity shown in the music is the pivot of Frenzy Beats Productions, which feeds the hunger of Billfold Music Group.

 According to reps, the label breeds producers, performers, and lyrical monsters. The Billfold family continues to establish a fan base and credibility throughout the city and across the states.

 “Standardized by far, we feed what they crave, and not just standing on stage saying words,” they said.

 This is exemplified in performances at varies venues throughout the city from Cincity Lounge (multiple performances), Unsigned Celebrities, City Hall Peace Summit, Opened for Young Joc at Annie’s Entertainment Complex, Opened for Young Buck at Club Rain in Dayton and DePaul University in Chicago.

The labels roster believe's in real life, real music. Established late 2005, Billfold Entertainment is the middle of what began with sticks to a drum, from taping out beats to spitting out rhymes, they warn there fans to trust that it dosent stop here.

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